Resident Letting Agent Licensing Course

Resident Letting Agents Licensing Course

The Resident Letting Agents Course or RLA course is designed for people looking to get into the management right industry, specifically onsite management.

This course is not to be mistaken for a Real Estate Salesperson Course in which you wish to work from a Real Estate Office doing property management, rentals and sales.

The Resident Letting Agents Course covers 15 units of competency and all units are designed for on-site management. One of the most important components of this course is the Trust Accounting. Trust accounting is extremely important in this industry as you will be collecting rent on an owner’s behalf, this money is not yours, it is the owners. Only a licensed agent is capable of opening and operating a trust account.

An Resident Letting Agents license will allow you to run a management rights business. There are major benefits for upgrading to a full real estate license, however, it is not mandatory for your role.

A Resident Letting Agents Licence allows you to:

  • - rent out and manage units in a building complex (on behalf of the owners and body corporate)
  • - collect rents in the complex
  • - operate a trust account.
Units of Competency:

The Resident Letting Agents Licence course consists of the following 15 units from the Property Services Training Package. These 15 units form part of the qualification CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (Release 3):

  1. CPPREP4001 Prepare for Professional practice in real estate
  2. CPPREP4002 Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
  3. CPPREP4003 Access and interpret legislation in real estate
  4. CPPREP4004 Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
  5. CPPREP4005 Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts
  6. CPPREP4101 Appraise property for sale or lease
  7. CPPREP4102 Market property
  8. CPPREP4121 Establish landlord relationships
  9. CPPREP4122 Manage tenant relationships
  10. CPPREP4123 Manage tenancy
  11. CPPREP4124 End tenancy
  12. CPPREP4125 Transact in trust accounts
  13. CPPREP4181 Manage onsite residential property
  14. CPPREP5006 Manage operational finances in the property industry
  15. CPPREP4503 Present at hearings in real estate

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How to obtain a Resident Letting Agents License in Queensland?

The Resident Letting Agents License is fairly simple to obtain. Once you have completed your 15 units of competency with a Registered Training Organisation you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment. This document informs the Office of Fair Trading that you have passed all of your assessments and are deemed competent.
You will need to lodge this Statement with The Office of Fair Trading (they issue ALL licenses; no Training Organisation can issue a license). Depending on how many years you wish to have your license, fees apply.
Once you have lodged this, it can take up to 6 weeks to receive the hard copy license from the OFT, however, if an employer is seeking proof of your license you can provide proof that it has been lodged and you are awaiting the physical copy.

Management Rights

Management Rights in QLD, especially South East Queensland, is a huge industry. It was conceptualised and born here on the Gold Coast and our CEO Dennis was here when it happened. All of our trainers have decades of experience dealing with management rights and are considered to be among the most knowledgeable people in the entire industry. We do exclusive training for some of the biggest Hotel companies in the country and we train ALL of their QLD managers.
If you are purchasing management rights, we have a dedicated team of affiliates who cover every aspect of the industry. MR finance, lawyers, accountants, maintenance, etc.
We have been training managers for over 15 years and our CEO Dennis has opened and operated dozens of buildings throughout Queensland, including some of the best on the Gold & Sunshine Coast. Our trainers have decades of experience.        Industry leaders look to Property Training Australia for advice on how to operate in this industry successfully.
We can even help place you in management rights.
No one is more experienced in Property Management Training than our trainers and staff.

How long does the Resident Letting Agents Licensing Course Take?

You will have 6 months to complete your course.

In class/blended:

We are not currently offering any face to face training. This will be made available in the near future, to register your interest in face to face training please email


If you are completing the course online, you will receive an email that outlines how to log into your online course and begin studying.

Private Tuition:

Private tuition is available upon request and can really speed up the process. With one on one private tuition, it is personalised one on one training with one of our experts.
Private tuition may require you to complete more homework and familiarising with the learning material before the training begins.

For all training options it is important to note that once you receive a Statement of Attainment from Property Training Australia, stating your competence, you will need to lodge this with the Office of Fair Trading for your license.
All licenses are issued by the government NOT the training organisation. The QLD government (Office of Fair Trading) will have a licensing cost depending on how many years you want your license valid. Once you have lodged with the Office of Fair Trading it can take up to 6 weeks for them to deliver the physical license. However, if a future employer or business progression requires your license, you can prove that you have lodged and paid for the license and you are simply waiting for the physical copy from the government.

Do you offer VET student loans or Payment plans?

Property Training Australia does not operate under the umbrella of VET student loans training.
We do however offer in house payment plans. No Statement of Attainment will be issued prior to the course being paid for. If it is in-class study the course must be paid in full before class begins.
For full details on payment plans email: your inquiry.

What is the process of getting my Resident Letting Agent’s License after completing your course?

Once you have successfully completed your 15 units with Property Training Australia you will be issued with your Statement of Attainment.

You will be required to lodge this paperwork with the Office of Fair Trading (QLD Government) who issue ALL licenses.

The Office of Fair Trading have licensing fees, here is a link to the licensing page:

*If you are on a Student Visa you cannot enrol in this course*

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